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BULABDS host numerous formal events and informal gatherings throughout the year. Here a a few notables socials to keep in mind:

The 2-week trial party – This social is usually held after the initial two week trial period is over – it usually involves a theme and a few pubs/bars.

The Winter Ball – This is a formal event usually held at Bristol Zoo, where there is a 3 course meal and music afterwards.

The Spring Ball – Very similar to the winter ball apart from that it is, of course… in the spring.

Socials after competitions – There are a few competitions dotted throughout the year after which a social is usually held. This is a chance to celebrate all the results (good or bad) from the competition and relax after a couple of days of pre-competition nerves!

Socials throughout the year – If all goes to plan, you’ll end up making good friends with other people in the society. We quite like to go for a quiet drink every couple of weeks to catch up.

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