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COVID-19 notice

The costs for this term are still tbc and likely to change but we will communicate this once the classes are up and running. Unlike in previous years it is unlikely we will be running a membership that covers everything for the whole year. Instead, it is likely we will have something along the lines of a monthly payment that gives you access to all the classes for that month.

Membership is open to Bristol University students, UWE students and non-students. Members without a UoB student card are required to affiliate with the University of Bristol Students Union.*

You can purchase your membership at:

Membership fees are in 2020/2021 priced as follows:

​2 Week Pre-Membership – £10 ​(This amount will be deduced from the Term 1 membership, Social Class membership or full membership after joining.)

Team Classes – £30 / month

(equivalent: ~£2.00/class)**


You would like to participate but feel like you can’t afford it? Speak to us and we will do our best to help you. Of course all members of our committee are committed to absolute discretion and will treat your request with highest confidentiality.

Please note that you might also be eligible to apply for the Bristol SU Activity Hardship Fund. It recognises that the joining fees, trips and other costs of student groups can be prohibitively expensive for some students. The Fund was created to support those students who wouldn’t otherwise be able to participate in their chosen activity due to the cost. Students can be supported with up to £100 per year which may be used for anything related to your activity regardless if it concerns membership fees, equipment or travel costs for example. There are 3 rounds with the following deadlines:

Round 1: 11th October
Round 2: 1st November
Round 3: 31st January

More information at:


Term 1: 07th October 2019 – 20th December 2019
Term 2: 16th January 2020 – 13th March 2020

*Please note: Non-students will unfortunately have to pay a £25 affiliation fee to the Students Union. The membership covers all coached lessons and room space. Additional costs for competitions, transport and optional private lessons are not included in the membership.

For Bristol SU affiliation, please find more information at:

**Based on the academic year and one-off payment

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